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I am a little girl

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Please get off of me

I want to climb a tree

I want to ride my bike

I do not want to go on your hike

I am a little girl

I still have hope

Do not kill me with fear

I am a little girl, oh dear

I see a shed

I see a bed

I see pillow of pine needles

Under me

On top of me a smell your breath

I feel your sweat

I taste your boyish threat

To me

Please get off of me

I have to pee

I do not know what is going on

I am a little girl

My body just wants to hurl and curl

Up in a ball

To make myself small

Some days I do gymnastics

Most days I play tennis

When you come to find me

I try to run and flee

I am a little girl

You have taken my childhood away

But worse than that

You prepared me forever for combat

I fight all my life

For a freedom I do not know

I fight to be whole

I fight for my soul

I fight for a freedom

I never come to find

But I am still looking

I am still fighting even now

For inner peace and a vow

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