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Not being able to tell my story

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

I used to hide inside my house

Being quiet as a mouse

I hid from the boys outside

To keep away from the rolling tide

They’d slither down the street

They were full of deceit.

Come out and play they’d say

Today is just like any other day

The problem with that

Is it meant combat

Fighting to keep my shorts on straight

Not wanting the great debate

They said it was OK

It was safe to stay

But I knew the truth

They were stealing my youth

With every touch

And push

And pull

I’d close my eyes a little tighter

Knowing I was a fighter

But each fight came with a consequence

I was losing my innocence

When it was nighttime

And I was back at home

Ready to sleep

I’d close my eyes

And all I could see

Was them on top of me

I’d cry myself to sleep

Never falling to deep

Because even though I was quiet as a mouse

I wasn’t safe inside my house

I was told to keep my mouth shut

They would call me a slut

They threatened to hurt

The people I loved so much

So I couldn’t reach out and touch

And tell them what was going on

The conclusion was forgone

I had to be alone

Never for the truth to be known

That was my secret to hold

And never be told

It’s a lot for a little girl

To be wrapped up in the swirl

Of someone’s else’s glory

And not be able to tell my story

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