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The bath

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

A bath is not just a bath for an abused , scared little girl

Taking a bath as a nine year old

Seems like a very simple task

You sit naked in the warm water

And soak in the moment

You and your rubber ducky

Clean up from the dirty day

Wishing all your fears away

My baths were more complicated

With each brush of water

Running over my body

I had only one question

Was there a baby in my belly?

I would push my belly in and out

I would wonder what my baby was doing

I was just a baby myself

I was scared to death

Could my baby be taking a breath

I knew about the birds and bees

But only part of the story

The unknown part was my saving grace

But sitting in the bath each night

I was filled with childish fright

Why me

Why me

Why me

Why was I chosen for this life

I wanted to die

All I could do was cry

Tomorrow was another day

If there was no baby today

Tomorrow was never too far away

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