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Does anybody like me?

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

When you are abused as a young girl, you never believe you are worth anything. I am trying to heal from this awful reality even now at 54

Does anybody like me?

I’ve wonder this from a very early age

When everything around you

Scares you

It’s hard to make friends

You don’t trust what people intend

When your body is

Someone else’s playground

It’s hard to know who is safe to be around

Because of this

People have always scared me

I feel like I cannot let anyone get close

When you keep people at a distance

It’s hard to understand your existence

So I have lived a life

Inside of a bubble

Where I feel safe

And free

The only problem with that

Is you never know where you stand with others

You live all alone

You can never be known

How will I ever know

Does anybody like me

When my soul is empty

Like a winter's leafless, barrren tree

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