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Updated: Apr 24, 2021

How do you create a home

Where is home?

Some people say

It is the place you lay

At night

Others say

Home is where the heart is

Is that only true if you have another half

What if your heart is broken

Can you have a home if you are broken

What if everything you feel is unspoken

There has to be more to life

Then always feeling strife

I want to feel good

I want happiness to run through my bones

I want to laugh like a girl

And feel like a women

My blood should boil hot

Not stay frozen, in time, like an ice cream dot

But nothing good flows through me

I try to feel free

But mind body and soul

Are out of step

There is nothing left to do

But forget who I am

Close the door, slam!

I cannot go home

Home means nothing when you are broken

I am just a roaring ocean

Without a home

A soul destined to roam and roam

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