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The call

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

I finally shared my secret with my family after 45 years - It freed my soul even if it broke my heart

I made the call

I did it

I shared the secret

I took it from my heart and gave it to you

To help me hold my pain

Did you even hear me?

Or were my words like wind through a tree?

Have I set myself free?

My secret was holding me back

The burden was too great

I want others to help me hold the fear

So I can stop crying, stop shedding a tear

When I shared my pain

You seemed unmoved

That felt so cold

Was I searching for fool’s gold?

Everyone has had bad things happen to them

You said

We love you

You said

You were a victim

You said

We are private people

You said

It was a fool's game to share

In this family your soul you do not bare

Keep it cold

It is safe for mold

I shared to help me heal

Your stoicism does not defeat me

It may make me cry

For the little girl

Who was so scared

But it was my story to declare

I want to be free

There was never any guarantee

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