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Saying goodbye

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

In the midst of deep depression - I was a bad patient for a therapist who tried for so many years to help me heal. When I gave up - she gave up on me - for a short time - it was a break up as hard as the loss of my marriage - I felt all alone in a moment that alone meant harm. We reunited and she helped me heal - for for that I am forever grateful. But I remain bitter for the few weeks that she stopped seeing me and sent me a message that I was not worth it.

That was the final straw

You walked away from me like I was garbage

Nothing to save here

Just walk on by

All I could do was cry

I felt like we had gone through war together

No one knew my wounds like you

No ever cared like I thought you did

And then you just walked away

And left me for a stray

It hurt so much because

I thought we were a team

A team to make me whole

To restore my soul

But when even you gave up

It must be true

I am no good

It’s time to rest my eyes

And forever say good bye

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