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My Wedding Day

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

When the day you dream of all your life - is not perfect

I waited for this day all my life

To be a wife

Now I never thought that I would have a wife as well

But what the hell

Life takes many twists and turns

And I learned to give into my heart

Stand up tall

Declare to all

I am taking a wife

It was a chilly fall mountain day

We had drinks before the ceremony

To put everyone at ease

Mostly the two brides

We needed some liquid courage

To stand before our friends and family and declare

We love each other

We are two becoming one

Let’s celebrate under the sun

We were two women

With only one mom that day

But that was ok

The other mom chose to stay far away

The chairs were lined up

With a center aisle

Oh know, take the aisle away

We have no one to walk us down

We will get married in the round

Our friends signed the Ketubah

10 people popped up to share a poem of love

Our friend read a speech

I was filled with pride

Until the moment the ceremony ended

I stood at looked for him

My dad who ever let me down

Did he really not come

Was I that unworthy

All I could do was cry

And wonder why

The evening unfolded

It was not ideal

I began to realize

I was an imperfect bride

Where was I to hide

But that was Day One

Of a ceremony that would become undone

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