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Young Love

A blind date

That turned out great

My senior year in high school

I feel in love with John

He made my heart dance with glee

I was truly happy

We lived miles apart

But that means nothing to the heart

We spent each weekend together

Always in bright, sunny weather

His family took me in

Like I was kin

I loved being with them

They accepted me for me

I was a happy as I could be

John went on a trip around Europe in May

We’d write long love letters every day

I waited for his return

Together we had so much to learn

I felt safe in his arms

I felt seen by him

It was my first relationship

Were I understood the power of two

Our love was young but true

As high school ended and summer began

I could not imagine being without him

So from his summer job at Wendy’s

I rallied my forces

And got him a job at my summer home

At Camp Akiba we would roam

But as I learned

It’s hard to take one environment and put it in another

I did not appreciate

The sacrifice he made

To be with me

I saw the start our undoing

Trouble was brewing

As we returned home

And waited to each go our own way

College was ahead of us

I was scared to be apart

I was more scared to not fully live my life in college

I didn’t know what to do

So I began to undo our glue

John fought for us to stay as two

I pushed away

To make a break

It was a mistake

I always wonder what could have been

If I had the courage

To follow my young heart

Could we have made a start

Of a life together

One that could last forever

I see his life now

Through Facebook and some family

And my happiness for him

Comes with a bitter taste

I imagine my life

Playing out so differently

If I were patient

And waited to see

What could be

I wish we were friends today

The love he showed

When we were young

Is a special memory

That brings me great serenity

John I hope you are happy

You desire the very best

Your smile brings love to the world

Keep living your life

Keep kissing your wife

But one day should I have the courage to call

I hope you will take the phone

And say

You have good memories too

Of a young love

The was special

And meant something to you

Something that was true

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