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A Life Alone

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

I never thought that I’d spend so much of my life alone

The sadness pours from my eyes

I long for a day where I feel part of something

Something bigger than me

I wonder where it all went so wrong

I wonder how I don’t belong

Am I a bad person

Did I make so many mistakes

That being alone is a sentence I have to endure

When did I become so insecure

Living life alone

Is not for real people

Living life feeling like a failure

Is so hard to believe

When did I become so naïve

I once thought I had the strength to survive

To match the hardship

And come out on top

But now I see I can not be

The person I dreamt of for so long

If I had goodness inside of me

My life would not be spurn with debris

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