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Finding your own path

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

The best thing about being a mom

Is watching your boys grow

Into the persons they are destined to be

I remember the very first sight of each of my sons

It was a black and white photo

When they were still in the womb

Neither of them were in my belly

But my own pain

Was washed away

By knowing I was about to be a mom

From the moment I saw them

They each had a name

That name tied them to me

In ways that are so strong

I was sure nothing could go wrong

One held on to my shirt

As if to say

I am yours

Never let me stray

The other needed to be held all night long

Walking around

Singing a song

The bond was immediate and strong

As the years passed

What they needed was different

Each growing into their own person

That’s for certain

One always wanted to cuddle

One wanted to be more independent

They both had me on a string

They each were a king

As time went by

Struggles pursued

Everyday was not the bliss

Of waiting for a smile

Or a giggle

Or first step

Or a hug

Conversations became real

We were all learning how to get along

To feel safe and belong

The one thing I will always know

Is that being a mom is the best part of life

Even with some of the strife

They are not who I thought they’d be

From the first black and white photograph

I saw

They are better

They are real

They are strong

they are weak

Sometimes they are mean

They are who they want to be

My love has set them free

To be who they are

Sometimes a little bizarre

Each following their own path

One that I could not foresee

But I couldn’t be prouder

Or cheer for them louder

Be who you want to be

Live life on your terms

I will always be here to affirm


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