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Am I A Good Mommy

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

All my life I wanted just one thing

To be a mommy

I thought it was my calling

My reward

For having lived life in discord

I wanted to share my love

With someone who would take it in

Would be my forever kin

I wanted to teach them the way of the world

Not the world I knew

But a better one

One that was safe and kind

One where they would never be left behind

My job would to make them feel safe

To be honest and caring

To show them people can be trusted

You don’t have to be maladjusted

Our home would be a refuse

From the cold outside

We would share our thoughts and feelings

To make the air around us warm

We would be a team

And always know

This was a place to grow

My dream came true

With two beautiful boys

I watch them grow

Into the people they are meant to be

They know, I hope, that I will always love them

No matter what they do

Or who they love

Or how they look

They are my boys forever

No bond could ever sever

Me and my boys

Living life as best we can

With all the ups and downs

But always with love

From me

By their side

They will never have to hide

I will love them unconditionally

A right I was not given

I was kept hidden

For the embarrassment that I was

For not fitting in

To the little box

That sat on my shelf

I couldn’t be myself

My boys will never know that shame

Together we will proclaim

Our right to be

Whomever we are

I will treat them like a superstar

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