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Flying Home

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

A got a on the plane

To fly away

Away from the hurt

Away from the pain

I flew to my safe place

To the green green grass

To the blue blue lake

To the athletic fields

That filled me with confidence

The home I longed for

There was no place I needed more

I was in a bunk

With six or eight or ten

A setting that was zen

I was allowed to be happy

Fell safe

Play all day

Feel the love

Cover the pain

Of a little girl

Who wasn’t ready to unfurl

The morning would come

Reveille would sound

To the flagpole we went

To hear about the day

To make sure no one would stray

My counselors were sent from grace

To make a safe place

To care for a wounded soul

Who just wanted to be whole

I played all day

On the fields

In the pool

On the courts

In the lake

Every activity burned with a special feel

Wounds began to heal

The leaders of the camp

Where like parents to me

We called them aunts and uncles

They were more like protective shells

Who oversaw us with love

They were sent from above

Aunt Lois had a special ritual

Every night would end

With 100 girls in a circle

Connected by friendship and love

Intertwined fingers

And the singing of taps

The night wasn’t over

Until we passed the squeeze

From one hand to the next

To demonstrate our connected whole

And restore our collective soul

The campfire would burn

Love was in the air

A protective safety net was thrown

Around us

So we always knew

Nothing could divide the gold and blue

When the summer came to an end

We would write letters for the ride home

We would cry

For the special place that would sit empty

Until we returned

The next summer

With stories to tell

Songs to be sung

Games to be played

New friends to be made

I got on the plane

To fly away

To return to the pain

That awaited on my home terrain

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