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Friends that become more

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

I was scared as hell as I entered in-patient treatment for depression. But what I found there, in the people, in the safety - was life affirming and brought me back from the brink of hell.

My mind felt like gel

And I was walking into hell

It was not a good feeling

But I was committed to healing

I had surrendered my rights

I agreed to give up the fight

And start a new one

I sat in a circle

Sometimes large

Sometimes small

To learn the skills to get me out of hell

To stop the feelings of falling and failing

The amazing part of surrender

Is you learn to open your heart

You open your heart to survive

Let alone thrive

The people I met

Quickly became friends

And without their support

I would have stayed inside my fort

It was the hardest eight weeks of my life

But for each of them I am indebted

They helped me see clearly

The life I had in front of me

And for the first time

Helped me learn to honor the life I was leaving behind

They were kind

Beyond anything I knew

I was leaving behind the blue

I love you all

We each survived our hell

Enough to tell

Our story

And are learning to live for today

Because that’s all that we are guaranteed


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